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San Rafael is located in the center west of the province of Mendoza and it covers 20% of the surface of the province. There, are located several wine enterprises that have made history among the Argentinean wines and that continue as the generations pass by.
The south oasis where we are located is irrigated by the famous rivers Atuel and Diamante. Our farm is irrigated by the Diamante River thought the Canals Grande and Sauce La Leona, and it is one of the last properties before the raising of Sierra Pintada foothills.
Cuadro Benegas is located on the west of the department sharing one of its borders with the Republic of Chile. Harsh weather, extreme temperatures, snowfalls, high thermal fluctuations in summer, are all ideal conditions for the cultivation of vines as they provide the wine of the region with a particular style.
This is our home. If you desire to visit us, contact us on this site: we will share with you our dreams, and, of course, our wines.

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