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It is located in Cuadro Benegas District, San Rafael, in the West limit of the South Oasis at 800 meters height; where the climate exposes the vineyards to extreme conditions making of this a privileged location. One of the most benefited varietals is the Bonarda, which due to its characteristics, shows its potential highlighting its special features.


Oponed in 2010, the winery aimed for micro-vinification of limited consignment of high-end wine. This fact makes this winery unique, as it is the only one exclusively devoted to the production of Bonarda in its two types of vinification: “Clasico” and “Reserva”.

It comprises state-of-the-art technology; the vinification process is initiated with stainless steel equipment and bins, which have an automatic temperature control, caring in this way an strictly asepsis and the temperature in every phase of the process. This process ends in an American and French oak barrel for the consignments aimed for aging.

With a roof of thermal panels to shelter from the intense sun of Mendoza and the very low winter temperatures, it achieves a constant inner temperature throughout the whole year, creating ideal conditions for the production and aging.

With its floors completely covered with porcellanato tiles, it comprises also a water treatment system for the water entering the winery and also for the wastewater. The extremely high standards maintained in the design and processes make of this winery a unique one in the region.


Thus, the winery includes a project meticulously thought and built to the level of the prestigious wineries in the world. The aim: the development of an excellent product. The result:  more friends joined.




A FAMILY,  A FARM, A WINERY… A VARIETAL, this is what it is about.

Welcome to the little big world of BOURRAS