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The origin of this variety has been extensively discussed. Some people believe it was introduced by Italian immigrants at the en of the 19th century, originally from the Piedmont under the name of Barbera; but our Bonarda is more like the French Corbeau (black raven: name given due to the intense color of its clusters) of the French Saboya.
What looks like a contradiction it is not if we consider that the French Saboya and the Italian Piedmont are divided by The Alps, so both towns have been closely connected. Our great-grandparents traveled to America exactly from the French Alps: “A snowflake never falls in the wrong place, says the poet”.


In Argentina, Bonarda is the second most cultivated grape variety, proving that the choice of this varietal has a whole tradition and it is a deeply-rooted custom in the market of wine consumers. The Bonarda was traditionally used to improve and highlight the characteristics of many wines, and till now it is present among the great Argentinean wines.
Thus, Bonarda represents a traditional varietal that for many years has been an important contribution to the Argentinean viniculture; and because of this little but valuable consideration is that we have given it a unique and privileged place in our winery.

We have worked really hard to achieve the best Argentinean Bonarda.