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The winery is the result of a hard way traveled by the Gomez Bourras family, who since their arrival in San Rafael, have been working hard in such a complex enterprise with a clear aim:  the production of a high class product.


The first step for a great wine is a great grape; the viniculture was the first activity of the family. They worked on the maintenance of the crops and their adaptation for vinification.  Including really longevous plantations of more than 40 years old, which are very rare to find, and being located in a privileged place it is concluded the first step for the beginning of a great wine.


As the G. Bourras Family dream continued to grow to fruition, simultaneously, another vision was being cultivated many miles away by two families from Canada. The Ryan and Gamble families had dreams of having their own vineyard and winery that would one day produce an iconic wine. Once all the families met, shared their ideas and visions, they soon realized their dreams were one and the same. In the beginning a friendship based on trust and mutual respect was born and the partnership quickly followed. Ryan and Gamble initially decided to acquire a vineyard property from the G. Bourras Family and soon became partners in all aspects of the Chayee Bourras wine business. In keeping with the G. Bourras family tradition of strong family connection, the vineyard Finca Norah (named after the Ryan family’s young daughter and her namesake Grandmother Norah Ryan) produces the grapes that make the best Bonarda wine in Argentina which is now being offered in the Canadian Market. Dreams continue to be realized and the best is yet to come.


Only then, having achieved what is basic, was that they started the project. This is summarized in the content of our bottle: a product meticulously thought and produced. Our CHAYEE BOURRAS is a 2011 wine, but it has behind many years of effort and hard work, which we think is worth to know. Come and become a FRIEND with it; our commitment: the FIDELITY.