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The dedication of our technical team to this task is worth of highlighting. With the aim of obtaining the best product, 114 cultivated rows were covered, selecting the rows first, and after that, one by one, the plants that were to be harvest due to its particular features. Those were marked and nowadays it can be identified which of them have been used to make wine and which have not.


Towards the end of March it is time to harvest. The vineyards are located at about 500 meters of the winery, and the distance makes safe the moving and deposit of the grapes into the winery in perfect condition. The grapes are harvested by hand in special baskets, selecting the suitable clusters one by one.

Once the baskets are taken to the winery, it starts the process of stalk removing keeping the grapes intact. They are put into a big stainless steel bucket from which the tanks are filled. It is worth to notice that the filling of vessels is done by gravity; the grapes are not put through the stress of a bombing process.

The tanks have a conical shape that makes them special for red wine vinification, and each barrel also has an automatic control of cold/hot temperature.  With all this it is possible to achieve pre-fermentation and post-fermentation macerations under the strictest control.


There has been a long way. Beginning with the pruning in June of the previous year that is when the wine is first defined, going through the monitoring of ripening, up to the obtaining of the wine.
Now it is time to enjoy and, just like it is in life, that enjoyment must be shared.